It was all good just a week ago. Or was it? The seemingly out-of-nowhere beef between members of the group Naughty By Nature, which has resulted in the expulsion of member Vin Rock by Treach and the ensuing diss song, “Tall Midget,” caught a lot of people of guard. But, according to remaining members Treach and Kay G who recently sat down with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, tension has been brewing under the radar.

"[It's] been in the making for a while, every relationship tries to stick it through the hard times, the good times but sometimes you gotta just do your own thing," said Treach. "You know our kids is grown now, you last it out for the kids sometimes." Treach went on to say that despite recent performances, the group hasn’t spoken or seen eye to eye in a couple of years. The “Hip-Hop Hooray” rapper even alleges that Vinnie sucker punched him and ran during one point of high tensions.

Peep the entire interview, below.