Six Hip-Hop Sex Scandals

Tupac Shakur

Year: 1993

One of the more infamous entries on this list comes with Tupac Shakur. In 1993, a woman named Ayanna Jackson accused the California by-way-of Harlem rapper of raping her. Prior to the incident, Jackson and Shakur had met in a club through publicist Jacques Agnant, and had intercourse that same evening. Four days later, Jackson met with 2Pac in his hotel suite, where Agnant, Pac’s associate Man Man and a fourth unnamed associate of Agnant were also staying. However, it was on this occasion that Jackson claims that Shakur and the rest of the present parties – Man Man excluded – sexually abused her. She alleged that Tupac forced her to perform fellatio on him and Agnant’s anonymous associate while Agnant undressed her. Jackson immediately reported the incident to police, who arrested Pac, Man Man and Agnant on charges of sexual abuse, sodomy and possession of a deadly weapon.

Despite Shakur’s denial of his involvement in the incident, the rapper was convicted of sexual abuse. He was sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison, although he was released after only a year. Pac eventually came to believe that Agnant was a government agent who had set him up in the case after Agnant’s lawyer moved to have his client’s case servered from Tupac and Man Man’s cases and the prosecutor made no opposition. Tupac’s suspicions deepened after Agnant’s indictment was dismissed entirely.

[via Thug Life Army]

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