RiFF RaFF is the rap game's most lovable goon, always finding ways to stay excited, positive and interested in whatever's happening in the culture. He's also a movie buff, so we figured it'd only be right to ask him what he thought of Baz Luhrmann's new film, The Great Gatsby, which got some less-than-stellar reviews from critics prior to its release last Friday. Going into its second weekend in theaters, Gatsby is set to maintain a stronghold on box offices, so we e-mailed RiFF RaFF some questions about the film to let fans know if it's worth seeing. Here's what he had to say…

On what he expected going into the theater:

"I skipped breakfast so that i could get $100-worth of movie theater Triple Liquid White Cheddar Popcorn and sit down and sleep thru half of the new Theoraldo Decapricorn movie."

On whether he read The Great Gatsby before seeing its movie adaptation:

"i only read newspaper comics & the backs of cereal boxes."

On who he saw the movie with:

"I went with a couple friends."

On whether he ever sees movies alone:

"yea i like to concentrate on myself while throwing wet gummy bears at the screen."

On his favorite character: 

"Gatsby, cuz i shoulda played him. It's time for RiFF RaFF to showcase how he is #1 Ranked in Movies."

On if he ever wishes he could have Leonardo DiCaprio's swag:

"I don't say the word 'Swag,' but i wouldn't want anyone else's style except for mine. Everyone knows that RiFF RaFF is the best-dressed."

On his favorite part of The Great Gatsby

"When i got up to get nachos with the melted cheese and jalapeños."

On what he'd say to someone who hasn't seen the film:

"Go watch it and imagine if Jody Highroller played Gatsby. #EveryThingIsBetterWithJody."