For a guy gearing up to release his debut solo LP this summer, Pusha T's been around a really long time. It's easy to forget it's been 11 years since The Clipse's breakout single "Grindin'" entered the Billboard Hot 100. The Neptunes-produced cut established Pusha and his brother Malice as versatile rhyme-slingers with a Southern drawl, and Pusha definitely used it as a good jumping off point for his career.

Over the years, he's put out three Clipse albums, co-founded the Re-Up Gang record label, and has recently pursued a solo career as an artist on Kanye's GOOD Music imprint. But as much as Pusha's done in his career, he's been asked. So, XXL recently caught up with the VA emcee after his show at NYC's B.B. King's and asked him a few questions he's not used to being asked, including which woman in history he has a thing for, and who he thinks is the most slept-on GOOD Music artist. Check out what he had to say.—Interview conducted by Abrea Armstrong.