Six Unusual Rapper Side Hustles


50 Cent

Side Hustle: Heavy Metals Mine

With perhaps the exception of Jay-Z, 50 Cent’s probably the best known rapper whose ancillary business ventures have been the most profitable. Yet despite the Vitamin Water investment, G-Unit clothing line, film production company and countless other endorsements, his most obscure side hustle is his heavy metals mine in Africa. According to Forbes, the Queens rapper travelled to South Africa to invest in a mine rich with platinum, palladium and iridium. “[I invest in] things that people wouldn’t actually expect me to be involved in,” he told the magazine. “I’ve got a diverse portfolio.”

Although Fif’s involvement in the operation is kept close to the chest, his brand manager Barry Williams described it as a natural progression. “The financials of the music business have changed to the point that we have to find ways to make money in other places,” Williams noted. “I didn’t think six years ago when we started trying to sell music that we’d be selling Vitamin Water and shoes and clothes. Now we’re moving into other directions, and four or five years from now, it’s exciting to think about us looking at natural resources and raw materials and other businesses.”

[via Forbes]

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