New God Flow: 21 Religious-Themed Pics Of Kanye West

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  • Ye2
    Livin' on a prayer.
  • Ye14
    "Mercy mercy me, that <strike>Murcielago</strike> Maybach."
  • Ye1
    We're not sure if this he's praying or impersonating Birdman, to be honest
  • Ye16
    "My canaries' gleaming through my angel wings."
  • Ye19
    Awesome mixtape, questionable cover.
  • Ye18
    Yeezy goes full Jesus.
  • Ye15
    KimYe channel their inner Cristo Redentor.
  • Ye13
    Shortly after this, Jesus gave 'Ye a sandwich - seriously, watch the third version of the "Jesus Walks" video.
  • Ye20
    Kanye has a Clipse moment with Christ.
  • Ye21
    Is it me, or does Jesus look like the Burger King?
  • Ye7
    It's like the "Hate Me Now" video, only not as ridiculous.
  • Ye17
    Makes the "Hate Me Now" video look subtle. (Courtesy of Rolling Stone)
  • Ye5
    Yeezy became a style icon off his religious icons...
  • Ye6
    ...and Jesus apparently followed suit.
  • Ye3
    Forget a Nefertiti chain, Yeezy went for a full sarcophagus mask.
  • Ye10
  • Ye8
    No, really, he's in a church.
  • Ye11
    Oh, we get it, it's a supposed to <em>a halo</em>.
  • Ye12
    I wonder what the symbolism is here.
  • Ye4
    His chains have Rock of Gibraltar-sized stones.
  • Ye9
    While not explicitly religious, this is definitely has a Pearly Gates vibe.

Well, he’s finally done it: Kanye West’s gone full Beatles status on us. Sure, he’s been selling out stadiums and moving millions of records for nearly a decade now, but he’s finally gotten to the whole “We’re more popular than Jesus”-part of his career, except in his case, he’s declared himself a full-blown deity. Yesterday, video clips of the G.O.O.D. Music impresario performing his highly anticipated new single, “I Am A God,” surfaced. While we haven’t heard the song in full quite yet (maybe June 18?), Yeezy’s transformation from man to immortal shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Now, here are 21 photographs of Kanye in a religious setting.

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