Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne As Spokesperson For Emmett Till Lyric


Mountain Dew has a second controversy with a rapper this week.

TMZ reports that PepsiCo has dropped Lil Wayne as a spokesperson over his reference to Emmett Till on the remix to Future’s “Karate Chop.” In the song, Wayne raps that he “beat that pussy up like Emmett Till.” The Till family stated in April that they would go after Lil Wayne’s sponsors.

There is no word whether PepsiCo will stop running its Mountain Dew ads featuring Weezy.

Even though the song dates back to February of this year, Lil Wayne recently issued an apology to the family of Till for the lyric. However, Till’s family formally rejected his apology, saying, “While it’s commendable that he has vowed to respect the legacy of Emmett Till and his memory to ‘not use or reference Emmett Till or the Till family in his music,’ this statement falls short of an apology, as none is mentioned.”

Earlier this week, Mountain Dew pulled a commercial directed by Tyler, the Creator after it was accused of being racist.

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    #FIRST Let’s face it!!! THIS IS NO SURPRISE!! When the good percentage of the black community got offended by his lyric, the White Business Owners knew it was time to pull the plug !!! LOL


    I mean, he said, “Beat the pussy up like Emmett Till.” WHAT DID HE EXPECT THE REACTION WAS GONNA BE??? Did he just think people only listen to rap beats and not lyrics anymore??? NIGGA WE HEARD THAT SHIT!!!! BWAHAHAHA

    • Drew Emmerson

      You do know that ET was killed for talking greasy and putting his hands on another mans wife right ? He told her ‘it’s ok, I’ve been with white woman before”. Him and his cousin were skipping church and hanging out harassing this woman. ET was killed cause he was trying to fuck. I assume Waynes line was about beating up the pussy like ET said he would to this mans wife, rather than referencing how he was beat up. Regardless – talk shit – pay the price. This type of shit happens today too – I don’t get how it’s important to black history and why this kids life was more import than 10000′s of others.. who suffered worse for no reason.

      • Lisa Ford

        You’re 1000 percent wrong on this little history lesson you just gave. ET had a lisp, and white racists thought he was WHISTLING at a white woman. It was documented historically that he never said one word to a white woman. But go ahead and keep standing up for our right to be coons.

        • Drew Emmerson

          wow – you have a very distorted view of things. Do not reproduce until you learn fact from fantasy.

          • Lisa Ford

            I don’t take orders from strangers on the internet. And just because you don’t value emmett’s life or see it’s importance doesn’t mean his story lacks value. I just wish people like you would stand up for the women that are degraded in wayne’s music instead of insulting the legacy of a young black historical figure.

  • Brandon Edward IV

    Serves him right. That half-assed “apology” that he had his PR Rep write for him completely danced around the issue at hand. I can imagine it only angering the Till family further. Oh well.

  • JaVern TshirtKing Taylor


  • Drew Emmerson

    Surprising – this guy is such a quality role model. I’m sure many people were like – ‘man, I don’t like mountain dew, but that midgety gay skateboarding man who kisses other men on the mouth, likes it. I’ll try some! yay!’

  • Allie

    So proud that black people FINALLY said “enough”. The jews, latinos, whites, do not tolerate such foolishness. Happy black people are waking up.

    Now if only the rest of the world would drop this gremlin. This new generation od rappers is destroying hip hop.

  • new2u

    People need to get an understanding before they react. He said beat the p***up like Emmitt Till. Just like some one says beat the p***up like my home boy or beat the p***up like any name. Everyone heard beat and Emmitt Till and automatically came up with conclusions. Now, Emmitt Till is taught in high school so I know that everyone who has gone to school knows the story of Emmitt Till, even lil Wayne and anyone who has used his name. With one sided views racism will continue to live. You have to get an understanding of how they meant what is said before making a conclusion. Emmitt Till was a teenager that whistled at a white lady and got brutally beaten in a racist era. No one is speaking on racism today the nameless faces that die of an equally brutal death. No one speaks of the new chain gang of racism that exist today like problems with non education and over-crowded prisons. No one speaks of the for whites only beach in Mississippi. No one speaks of a small town in Texas that values a sign that read “land of the whitest people”. No one speaks of self oppression or KKK or White separatist. Damn it’s bigger problems, imagine that.