Momma’s Boys: What Your Favorite Rappers Are Getting Their Moms For Mother’s Day

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  • JayZMom
    With Mother's Day right around the corner (this Sunday, in case you forgot), the XXL staff wants to make a special shout out to all the lovely mothers out there, and the mothers who birthed and raised the great team that provides you with all this up-to-the-minute hip-hop content. Since we're a hip-hop publication - and would be nothing without the hip-hop artists we know and love - we also want to show love to all the hip-hop moms out there who were responsible for bringing our favorite rappers to the world. To celebrate hip-hop moms, we reached out to some of our favorite rappers - including Chance the Rapper, French Montana, Riff Raff and more - and asked them what they were getting their moms for Mom's Day. Here's what they had to say.
  • chance_the_rapper_60
  • FreshmanClass_013111_Lil_B-056
    <h2>Lil B</h2>
    "A new house."
  • Ca$h Out
    <h2>Ca$h Out</h2>
    "Sum jewelry."
  • riff-raff-album-features
  • 11. Linking with Greedhead
    "A Hermes scarf, of course."
  • kid_ink_10
    <h2>Kid Ink</h2>
    "This year I had to do it big and low-key got her a house a couple weeks ago as a gift."
  • Theophilus London
    <h2>Theophilus London</h2>
    "I used to always write my mom some poetry and cut a card out, arts and crafts it up. This year I'm going to get my mom some flowers and some nice breakfast. Some caviar. And a kiss on the lips. I mean, that's my original girl."
  • danny_brown_1
  • problem
    "Some flowers and a quarter pound of the finest weed available. #wesmokeasone."
  • large professor
    <h2>Large Professor</h2>
    "Flowers with a nice aroma, and then something nice like manual labor. Whatever mom needs you to do - go to the store, get her something nice to wear, whatever man."
  • ab-soul-xxl-freestyle
  • french_montana_excuse
    "My eyes blurry in the clear port/We making movies, nigga, grab a chair for it."
  • Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 4.02.43 PM
    <h2>Flo Rida</h2>
    "I get my mother stuff all the time because I really, truly love her. But that day is definitely special so me and my sisters - I have seven sisters - are going to get together and get her a big gift."
  • T-Pain-706201
  • crooked-i1
    <h2>Crooked I Born 9/23/1978</h2>

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