Hot 97 will use tomorrow's morning show to address Mister Cee's recent arrest on solicitation of a prostitute. Cee will be in studio for Cypher Sounds and Rosenberg's show with K. Foxx, and according to a tweet sent out by co-worker Funkmaster Flex, "all issues will be addressed."

Station Program Director, Ebro Darden also took to Twitter to address the matter tweeting, "Hot 97 always stand by Mister Cee. Family is family." He later added, "Preference is not the crime. Solicitation is the crime. I never want Mister Cee fired."

As recently reported, Cee was scooped up by police on Friday (May 3) night trying to solicit a male prostitute who turned out to be an undercover officer. Cee was charged in 2011 with similar crimes after he was observed by police officers getting fellatio from a male prostitute. According to the New York Daily News, the DJ, known as The Finisher, was convicted of the same crimes in October 2010.

Check out Ebro's tweets, below.