Lil Scrappy Claims He Is Addicted To Marijuana


After failing a drug test ordered by the court, Lil Scrappy believes he is addicted to marijuana.

TMZ reports that Scrappy went to court in Georgia earlier today for violating his probation back in March. That incident was over an allegedly tampered urine test that got him sent to jail.

While he was in court, officials say the urine test Scrappy took tested positive for marijuana. Scrappy’s lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, says he us going to get clean by checking himself into rehab before the next court date in June. Davis also said that Scrappy openly acknowledges his addiction to marijuana.

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  • Stoner Sara

    There is no active ingredient in Marijuana that makes you addicted to it. A form of THC is naturally produced in your body anyways. If you claim to be “addicted” it’s all your own will. No simp. for this nigga, watch him play the role too.

  • xrisrecovery

    it may not be physically addicting but if you have an addictive personality such as myself you can get mentally addicted to it you can get addicted to anything.

  • AnonymousChicago

    this is just plain retarded. you can’t be addicted to marijuana unless he laced it with something else or he smokes it using a blunt. The blunt still has nicotine in the paper, making him addicted to the nicotine itself.

  • Moose

    The courts basically give you two options, go back to jail or a claim you are addicted and go to rehab for a month. Since no one wants to get fuckin locked backed up they go to rehab. Pretty fucked up and leads to the statistic that the majority of people that are in rehab are cause they are addicted to weed, which is bullshit