Kanye West Premieres “New Slaves” On Buildings Across The World

Only Kanye could pull this off. Instead of waiting until tomorrow night’s SNL performance, Kanye West is taking to 66 buildings across the world tonight to premiere the song and visual for “New Slaves” off his forthcoming album. Check out the full song above, caught in Williamsburg, Brooklyn an hour ago. There’s still screenings to been seen tonight, so head to kanyewest.com for remaining time and locations. It’s here people. Yeezy season is upon us.


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  • BrianRaider


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marvin-Smith/100000236735019 Marvin Smith

    Ye snapped on that one for real

  • Junghova

    I’d rather be a dick than a swallower…classic lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/avery.besselievre Avery Breakdowns Besselievre

    He.. cannot sing though..

    • Duh

      thats not him singing.

  • whatwhta

    is Ye the new pac ?

    • Jack_Lingo

      Its starting to look like it. Yall remember when Pac started getting more reckless before his death? At least Ye isnt dissing an entire coast’s artists.

      • whatwhta

        Yea its the government and corporations he’s calling out which would’ve been Pacs next targets

  • Real

    honestly that was kinda creepy

  • matty dubs

    there’s no way he should be compared to tupac or any of them although he is a great artist he’s an asshole as a person you can tell pac was not that type of person he just was a bit radical in his beliefs due to his parents being involved in the panther party and surviving 5 gunshots before he died he thought big was after him since he was paranoid I really don’t see a comparison Kanye is constantly bitching but damn is his music fascinating

    • ☠REMY&KUSH☠

      And kanye got the most DICK RIDERS of anybody I’ve ever seen

  • The Truth

    That shit was garbage….Weak ass attempt at being artistic, and different….Did someone pay XXL to promo this in a good way…? Kayne is def nowhere near Pac status…Kayne is a illuminati dick sucker….Trying to front like he ain’t a part of that shit…

    • Will

      Who’s Kayne


    God if this type shit is all I hear on the radio all summer I’m gonna be pissed af !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/javern.taylor JaVern TshirtKing Taylor

    We are the NEW SLAVES…true, Ye is bout the only super mainstream/hip hop/pop artist, that still spits that people music. Keep that shit coming maybe us niggas will wake up and realize the truth around us

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001903410519 Devin Jenkins

    yo yall stop hating jeez i swear you ignorant fucks will believe anything he obvisouly is rapin all this thought provoking shock value cause yall are stupid enough to believe that shit im not dickriding kanye its just no artist can be talented no more with out some one trying to prove there with some bull shit lucefriean cult like shut tf up an enjoy the music