Kanye West Called “Disrespectful” By Locals For Attempted Projection On The Alamo


Before Memorial Day weekend started, Kanye West promised additional projections of his “New Slaves” single at more cities across the world. One screening set at The Alamo was shut down, as many locals said West was “disrespectful” for his marketing campaign.

Page Six reports a large crowd gathered in front of the historical landmark at around 11:30 p.m. San Antonio officers halted the event because there was no permit issued for the projection.

While some fans had to go home disappointed, other locals were upset over ‘Ye’s innovative debut. Texas National Movement member Angie Alexander says, “It’s very disrespectful to the people who died there.”

The Alamo’s caretaker, Mark Loeffler, added, “It’s sad that people have such little respect for the Alamo.”

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  • Skels’Ola

    Fuck kanye hope he never steps foot in SA again..

  • Big D

    Racist piece of shit that Kanye is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joel.heuring Joel N. Heuring

    My, my! Such language! All Kanye wanted was to show his vid on the Alamo where Texans gave their lives fighting against the tyranny of Santa Anna and his gang of amigos. I applaud the city of San Antonio for sticking to their principles and refusing Kanye’s drivel from appearing on a Texas shrine.

  • Jerry O’Brien

    Tell him to flash his garbage on Dr.Kings monument, then wait for the reaction. He
    is one stupid turd.

  • flatusm

    Kanye West hates white people.

  • Pablo

    They’re only making a big deal out of it kuz it’s kanye.People turn old plantations into restaurants but people don’t avid these places out of respect for the slaves that died and were beaten there. Kanye pushes envelopes to show that this country is still as racist and fucked up as it was in the 1800s

  • Realist

    No one cares!! Kanye’s new project is innovative and creative. Fuck your mission, get your head out of the past.

  • Senorita

    people are flipping out over an interracial Cheerios commercial so I am not surprised at them flipping out over this.Kanye isnt racist his baby mama is “white” He’s an artist. Im not defending his “ego” but I find it hypocritical.Like Pablo said plantations are turned into business establishments.All those who speak about equality is just a bunch of bull.