Last night at the annual Met Ball, Kanye performed a new song for a crowd of high-profile celebs including Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Frank Ocean. Though clear footage of the song hasn't yet been released, attendees and music bloggers are claiming that the track, supposedly titled "I Am God," is the first single off his upcoming album. Much has been said about the album (namely that it's "dark" and "genius") by everyone from Daft Punk to John Legend, but at the XXL offices we took a second to examine the title of the unreleased single.

While we all know that Kanye's never been one to shy away from controversy—his second-ever single was a song called "Jesus Walks"—the dude's tongue-in-cheek (right?) humor is always spectacular, especially when it comes to the boasts. Here we've compiled a short list of Yeezy's most incredible/indecent/blasphemous boasts, with our interpretation of how he thought them up. Check it out, and in the meantime, remember—Yeezy is God and June 18th is judgement day.—Compiled and written by Nick de Molina (@odmod) and Abrea Armstrong (@abreaknowsbest)