This Sunday, the staffers at XXL will be celebrating Mother's Day and honoring the beautiful women who brought us into this world, and we suggest you do the same. To commemorate the day, we compiled a list of gifts our favorite rappers are getting for their moms, in case you last-minute shoppers need some ideas.

On a music note, this past week was an eventful one. On Thursday, we published an exclusive interview with Vic Mensa, the former lead singer of the now-broken-up Kids These Days. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made Billboard history when their new single "Can't Hold Us" hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts, forcing us to take a look back at some other independent success stories. And Chance The Rapper has continued to dominate our office's airwaves, so if you haven't checked out his new mixtape yet, do so.

In our weekly column called In The Cut, the diversely-opinionated XXL staff celebrates another lively week in hip-hop and picks some of their favorite releases from the past week. Some are songs, some are videos, all are incredible in their own way. Until next week—stay trendy, rap fans.