Hot 97 Interviews Riff Raff And Things Get Hostile

Riff Raff is an anomaly in hip-hop. What is he trying to accomplish in his music career? Who does he cater to? These are the questions hip-hop fans ask when the try to understand the character of Jody. During one of his recent interviews in New York, Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden wanted to challenge Riff with some tough accusations. He asked if he was a mockery of hip-hop and wanted to know if he’s come up back story was real. The conversation gets a little hostile, but it is an interview worth watching since they bring up a lot of relevant topics today.

Watch the interview above, and catch Riff Raff’s freestyle below.

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  • Chong

    Riff Raff is a legend!

  • Beeeej

    Love this dude but he def needs to stop freestyling lmao he fkn sucks!

  • Cocaine Howie

    I respect the fact that it’s off the dome. Niggas freestyle recycled written verses that they happened to have memorized. Foh.

  • Kalif

    not really a riff raff fan & not a fan of a hater

  • Doobie42

    How the interviewer tried to play this “white folks vs. black folks”….
    but what it really is “south vs. north”

  • Jay Gatling

    Who the fuck made Ebro an official when it comes to HipHop Culture??

    • Jim

      so you agree with how riff raff is? congrats.. your tastes and life suck

    • The Colonel

      Strikes me Ebro must be worried about his own racial identity if he’s so hyped up asking other people about theirs. Just disrespectful to have someone on your show, admit you don’t know shit about them or their music and then bust their balls.

      Say what you will about Riff, but he classed the shit out of an otherwise classless situation.

  • Tyler Durden

    I never comment on shit but Ebro (whatdafuckisdatname) needs 2 shut the fuck up & Murk himself wit an aids infected needle. Black is Black. & He ain’t black, he mixed. Big difference when U trying 2 be the one 2 be laying down the law on a Black Culture thing. A Hole. Who is this dude? We ridin’ wit dat Nigga Riff Raff. Real recognize Real. Bitchnigga Ebro.Yall clowns for not being up on him sooner. He was on a fucking reality show many years ago b4 all this shit. Do your homework. U do work in music. Hello?

    • Jim

      you say real recognize real… you sayin you recognize riff raff as real? you may need to get your eyes checked.. riff raff fake..

      • Jack_Lingo

        did you even watch the interview? Riff Raff sonned the fuck out of Ebro. you need to get off that skin color shit

  • R.Blood

    (Just a comment about the comment that went something like If your not actually selling drugs why make songs about it or not being from the hood or whatnot) I don’t believe that you have to be with a certain situation like selling drugs, to make a song about people selling drugs. Hip-HopRap is story telling. Telling the story of the people you are trying to reach. Tupac is one of the G.O.A.T. some if not most of his music was written stories of things he seen or based on types of people he knew. It was not necessarily his actual life or actually did things that he rapped about. It was a story that represents people or a situation that you are trying to shed some sort of light on. So just in my opinion, I dont believe that personally you have to come from that situation yourself to be able to tell a story about it, if done respectfully to the audience your trying to reach and to yourself. All this well he aint do that shit, He aint really bout that life. The problem with that is you got rappers being real, and talking about themselves all the time, then within a few songs or a album drops then people lose interest in them, then they flop. Because people grow tired of the closed minded one story type of rap or rhyme so you keep telling the same thing, people get tired of it. So you get rappers who are whack and they talk about there whack self so you get whack music. This is just a comment on bieng real and only one should rap about if they are that. To a certain degree thats true but an artist should paint the picture how he sees it or his interpretation of something, painters don’t have to see a scenery or image to be able to paint a perfect picture. As far as Riff Raff, Never heard anything buy him, ive seen him on TV. The only reason I watched this video cause in title it said, It gets hostile.

  • nigga

    he said nigga…

  • Edward Nguyen

    Not every body got be poor in the past and be black just to wear jewels talk with a southern accent and rap. Stupid duude. Why invite somebody to shit on him? Poor radio station

  • BasedApostle

    RiFF kept it cool, and the program director made his station look bad.

  • d0lo3

    Only cool shit about this dude is that Hornets hat.


    I’m from the H. Ebro was a overly stiff. On Riff credit… that’s how the H-style go… As far as a rap rep. for the H. Riff ain’t what it do…. But if Paul Wall come on there that nigga legit… Rif def. from the H though and he legit, but that ain’t saying that his freestyle is legit… That ‘Charles in Charles’ line probably came off “Northside 11″ or one them Swisha house CD’s…

  • craig

    if he says “knaw what im sayin” one more time…..