Here Is Every Single Shout-Out In Gucci Mane’s “Birds Of A Feather”


Gucci Mane isn’t a stranger to throwing a few barbs at rappers. At the same time, when you get a name drop from Big Guwop, you know exactly where his loyalty lies. On his new song, “Birds Of A Feather,” he runs through 19 well-known names and addresses them accordingly. We saved you the trouble and complied Gucci’s co-signs and disses of the people he knows.

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  • Rocko
    Rocko - "My Family" <i>Gift of Gab</i> (2012)
    "Mama say she hot, air conditioner just went out/Said 'Fuck it,' went and bought another spot."
  • waka_flocka_50
    Waka Flocka Flame
    "You know I fuck with Flocka cause he’s a crazy motherfucker."
  • young_scooter
    Young Scooter
    "You know I fuck with Scooter cause he’s a robbing motherfucker."
  • yogotti1
    Yo Gotti
    "I used to fuck with Gotti until he turn into a busta."
  • T.I. Justin Timberlake Remix
    T.I.: I’m shocked & saddened to find that the world has lost such a great spirited person. Paul Walker was not only a passionate, talented actor, he was also a sincere man with a genuine personality, that filled a room immediately upon introduction. My family’s hearts & prayers is extended to his family, especially his daughter. He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. #RIPPAULWALKER
  • gucci_list_1
    Keisha Cole
    "I did a song with Keisha Cole I wish I would have fucked her."
  • mya_10
    "I miss that girl Mya, she was a fine motherfucker."
  • Young-Buck-Featured
    Young Buck
    "You know I fuck with P and Buck; I’m their fucking third brother."
  • big-meech-bmf
    Big Meech
    "Shout out to that nigga Meechie, he’s a loyal motherfucker."
  • Young-Jeezy
    <h2>Young Jeezy Born 10/12/1977</h2>
  • gucci_coach
    Coach K
    "I still fuck with Coach K, but he’s a nerdy motherfucker."
  • gucci_list_4
    Young Dolph
    "You know I sign Young Dolph and he’s a jiggy motherfucker."
  • project_pat_1
    Project Pat
    "I still say to Project Pat, he’s my favorite rapper."
  • lil_boosie_10
    "Free my nigga Boosie, he’s a gangster motherfucker."
  • B.G.
    "Free my nigga B.G., he’s a gangster mothrfucker."
  • gucci_list_6
    Soulja Slim
    "R.I.P. to Soulja Slim, I miss that motherfucker."
  • PimpCpub1_B
    Pimp C
    "R.I.P. to Pimp C because I miss that motherfucker."
  • gucci_mane_7
    Slim Dunkin'
    "When I lost Dunkin’ like I lost my own brother."
  • gucci_9
    "My nigga say he loves his girl, but I just seen her with Usher."

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    He’s a ugly motherfucker