Ever since Gunplay has been off house arrest, he’s been keeping busy. After giving his fans the Cops N Robbers mixtape, he’s ready to put the finishing touches on his Def Jam debut.

Recently, the MMG rapper sat down with HipHop Since 1987 to speak on an array of topics. There’s a certain mystique about him—whether his bounds of energy or his way of articulating answers after fielding questions. He is an enigmatic character who has the backing of his friends and fans to help push him into the mainstream.

Here, we gathered some key quotes from this interview, where he delves into the story behind his new album title, his view of the rap game, and how he linked up with Lil Wayne for “Beat The Shit.”

He's a living legend, for real.
"I’m working on the bounce back. Ready to put out the album. I changed the name from Medellin to Livin’ Legend. Livin’ Legend for real, for real, for real, for real. That’s what I am. That’s how I feel."

He keeps it 100 and gets money.
"I don’t even know if I am going to be alive in the whole 2013. So I can’t say. I’m just sticking to what I know good and stay prayed up my nigga. I am working hard. The powers that be are weird. They pick whomever the fuck they want to be hot that year. I ain’t into kissing ass and sucking dick and shit. I just do what the fuck I do and I get a lot of money doing that."

The rap game isn't tough enough, according to Gunplay.
"The biggest shit I hate in the game is these pussy niggas be getting they power. And, they put other pussy niggas in power. It’s just a big pussy train. That shit irritates me. Shit what I like about the game though is the streets is they aren’t stupid. The streets are not dumb. They [don't] buy into the bullshit."

Lil Wayne knew him after all.
"Mack Maine reached out. Sent me the record and I sent it back. Done deal. I was surprised. I didn’t even know [he knew] I was fucking alive. I didn’t even know he knew my fucking name. I ain’t gonna lie. I can count on three fingers how many times I gave him daps. And family didn’t know who I was and that was real humbling."