In light of his recent arrest for reportedly soliciting a prostitute, and his admission of sexual addiction, Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee has recorded a PSA for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

As recently reported, the tenured NYC DJ was reportedly arrested for the third time in three years on charges related to the solicitation of prostitutes. In at least two of the three arrests male prostitutes were allegedly involved. Following his most recent arrest, Cee went on Hot 97’s morning show and admitted to having a problem with purchasing sex, but denied being gay. Now, Cee is trying to get the message out about HIV and AIDS.

"All of you know I've been through a lot this week with my situation, with my addiction," said Cee. "I can honestly say I have an addiction, and that's something I'm going to have to move forward with in my life." He went on to push the message past same sex relationships and urges everyone to be accountable. "Fellas messin' with two and three women at a time, or even some of you women--women are just as much as cheaters out there. I mean, let's just be honest man, everybody's not living a righteous lifestyle out there. Even myself."

Check out the PSA, below.