Charles Hamilton, Class Of ’09 – Catching Up With The XXL Freshmen

2013 XXL Freshman Class is in full effect and time will tell if this will be the best class ever.

In the meantime, we’re taking a look back at each XXL Freshman from past classes to see what they’ve been up through their music since being a Freshman.

This is what Charles Hamilton, XXL Freshman Class of 2009, has been up to musically with his best tracks.

Barbara Walters

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    I thought that he was doing a lot more in the studio but I see that he was taken a break since 2009. I guess when you are put into the freshman class you have a lot of pressure on you and you begin to see why it is what it is in the first place. but to be honest does networking even work for those who qualify or does in simply mean that you have to branch out in other genres of music in order to see some type of focus. who knows. but I know that k.b. did not belong in 2013, really thought that he was in 2010 or 2011 for sure. guess they don’t respect Houston like they use too or should.