Casey Veggies: “It’s Not About Your Hype, It’s About What You Stand For”

Casey Veggies 2

On blowing up while still in high school:

“It was different, it was definitely different. It’s a lot that comes with this; it’s a lot that’s good and and a lot that’s bad. If you let it control what you’re doing and your life, it can do that. If you let it affect your relationships with the people around you, it will do that. For me, it was just about staying grounded, staying humble, just realizing what I’m doing and how I could be doing so much more and how, if I do this and stay focused and not let this take me under, I can do this and be this successful. At this point, I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go. I’ve seen buzzes grow, I’ve seen buzzes die. It’s not about your hype or your buzz, it’s more about what you stand for and what people can connect to 5 years down the line, 10 years down the line.”

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  • Jay Breez

    I don’t even know why he bothers talking with XXL when they don’t put him on the freshman list. He’s been doing his thing for a while now and he has set an example for a lot of youngins out there, to put the work in, go out there and get it. At the same damn time he has managed to graduate from highschool. XXL should have promote that!

    • mhanscom

      I was so mad that he wasnt on the list. Same with rocky fresh. Both have such a unique style you have to respect that

    • Hannya

      Co-sign. Its a travesty that Casey was not named as a Freshman. I don’t get the logic in that at all.