Photos by Denisse Hernandez

It’s a shame to think that some hip-hop fans will never experience the glory years of Dipset first-hand. However, on Thursday night May 30, the Dips' head-honcho Cam'ron delivered a glimpse into the Harlem crew's heyday to a diverse and raucous S.O.B.'s crowd. The show started around 9:45 p.m. with performances Ricky Rude, Ace Outrageous and Rich Family, energizing the crowd and providing as excellent performers before Killa hits the stage

The clock hit 11:30 PM and the crowd was cheering for Cam’ron so loudly that one could hear it from downstairs in the artist room. There in the hallway was Killa, dressed in all black with Oakland Raiders cap. His shirt with big letters, stating clearly what he represents, Harlem. 11:36 comes and he steps on the stage to eruption of applause.

The first song he performed was “Killa Cam,” which sent the crowd into frenzy. Without hesitation, audience members' lighters flicked up and herb smoke filled up the venue. Even though the speakers were turned up to max volume and the packed crowd rapped every word of every song, Cam’ron was still perfectly audible still even at the back of the room. There was no letting up, as he went on to perform “Get 'Em Girls,” “Wet Wipes” and “Down and Out,” which sent the crowd into emotional frenzy. Cam’ron proceeded to shout out New York and New Jersey. The S.O.B.’s crowd was deafening, as grown men and women from all walks of life cheered on Killa Cam as loud as humanly possible. The performance really got intense when he performed “Bout It, Bout It…Part 3” and “Get It In Ohio.” By the time he performed his verse on “Certified Gangsta” every thug in the audience was on his toes.

The crowd was in his hands throughout the entire evening—if he said “doggie,” they repeated it; if he told them to jump on one leg, they'd ask how high. He even interacted in small talk with them. Then, to everyone's enjoyment, he perform his mega hit single “Oh Boy”—a Grammy nominated track that peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100. He then segued into “Hey Ma” after shouting out the ladies in the audience. Drenched in sweat, Cam called for a “smoke break” which made the already-blazed crowd happy. Killa Cam returned to the stage at roughly midnight, exciting the crowd even more by starting with “Speaking in Tungs." As the night wore on, Cam rounded out his set with “I Really Mean It” and “Suck it Or Not”—two hits that elated his fans

As the house lights went up, the audience screamed for an encore, screaming "Dipset!" at the top of its lungs. On his way downstairs to the dressing room, Killa thanked the crowd for supporting him through the years and announced that he has a new movie coming out with Netflix, titled Percentage. —Emmanuel C.M., Assistant Editor (@ECM_LP)