17 Rappers Who Crossed Over To Other Genres

Flo Rida

New Genre: Dance-Pop

Pitbull isn’t the only Miami native who eschewed his hip-hop roots for more dance-friendly club jams. Although he initially emerged as a rap affilate of Florida natives Rick Ross and Trina, Flo soon transformed into an EDM-sampling dance-pop icon with songs like “Wild Ones” and “Club Can’t Handle Me.”

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  • Action Bronson

    Saying Nikki Minaj was ever a rapper is a insult to the industry.

  • Action Bronson

    what about ice-t crossing over to metal and lil b crossing over to classical and rock?

    • Willie Nelson

      noone gives a fuck about them

    • Cocaine Howie

      Those are moreso experimental songs. Ice-T’s metal was a separate band anyways.

  • DJ Nate Da Great

    you got like 15 pop cross overs on this list that are only really significant to pop music, and you didn’t have any room for Guru???? C’mon!

  • I’m glad Pitbull went pop/techno, that way he can over saturate that market with his bullshit songs, instead of hip hop.

  • Dnell Cold

    Pitbull is smart as hell!!!! Money Money Money

  • Bera

    The love of great beats, crafty wordplay, smooth flow and intricate lyrics arent there for these “rappers”. These dumbass musicians are in it for the money, which is a crime in the music world. Imean what and why the fuck do people listen to them anyway? I see people driving by everyday bumpin drake or pitbull and they think theyre gangsters or some shit. Im tired of it. These mcs discraced hip hop forever. They could say “i used to love her”, but most of the rappers on this list could say “i never loved her” cause theyre greedy corporate FUCKS that just want to sell. Flo rida is basically a popstar anyway, now. Anyway, this list shouldnt be called “rappers who changed genres”, it should be called, “shitheads who sold out because they like there allowance shoved up their asses in large sums”…..yeah, thats bein literall, too.