Young Guru Names Five Best Audio Engineers In Music

Tom Dowd

Tom Dowd

Notable Records: Ray Charles’ The Genius of Ray Charles, John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads

“Tom Dowd is definitely somebody that I respect, God bless the dead. He did all the Atlantic Records.”

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  • nossirr

    no dr dre?!? fuk outta here guru.. dre completely revolutionized hip hop engineering on 3 separate occasions (chronic, 2001 and again marshal mathers lp/grdt) and ultimately all of pop engineering.. dr dre is the one responsible for the loudness wars and the entire approach to engineering used by just about everyone today…

    • rEaltAlk

      what if I told you that audio engineer is not the same thing as producer?

      • Antler Toro

        I think Dre engineers his music as well.

  • frank hewell

    i agree with Tony masserati. I like Chris Lord Alge and Eddie Kramer also. Theres so many legit guys out here. Dr Dre isnt top 10 in ‘music’ maybe in ‘hip-hop.’ But cats like joeseph jack puig and others… thats music