XXL Freshmen Online Experience Is Live


The online XXL Freshman experience is live. The site features bio pages for each of the Freshmen that includes popular tracks, stats, behind-the-scenes photos from the cover shoot as well as a in-their-own-words “My Story” column.

Their bio pages will also be the online home for their much-anticipated freestyle videos.

Each Freshman will be featured as the Freshman of the Day that includes the release of their freestyle.

The first Freshman of the Day is ScHoolboy Q. You can check out his freestyle here.

Here is the schedule for the remaining freestyle releases

Tues 4/9 – Travis Scott
Wed 4/10 – Ab-Soul
Thurs 4/11 – Joey Badass
Fri 4/12 – Logic
Mon 4/15 – Trinidad James
Tues 4/16 – Action Bronson
Wed 4/17 – Dizzy Wright
Thurs 4/18 – Kirko Bangz
Fri 4/19 – Angel Haze

The ciphers kick off on April 22:
Mon 4/22 – Action, Travis, Joey and Ab
Wed 4/24 – Schoolboy, Kirko, Trinidad
Fri 4/26 – Logic, Dizzy, Angel

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  • SoLo Aulston


  • SoLo Aulston

    Man these cyphers seem to be pretty well put together, but AB-SOUL finna shine on the first, Q on the 2nd & Dizzy on the 3rd

    • jwads22

      Logic is going to fuck the third one in the ass. Soul has competion on the first with Bronson & Joey, and Q will deffinetly fuck up the 2nd one.

  • Cheese

    By “live” they meant “not live”

    • djlka;jhad

      ya thanks for giving Q a full day of coverage… When are they going to post his free? smh xxl you never fail to piss me the fuck off.

      • LordInYoMouth

        You really are pissed the fuck off for that? lol Hate to see what you are when a real problem approaches

  • Double G

    They kind of left Q alone on the second one

    • jwads22

      Trinidad can sorta rap when he doesn’t try to make “all gold everything” type music.

  • sam

    Logic owning the 3rd day

  • Luke T

    I dont understand those saying “Why Logic?” Cause he fucking kills any style of hip-hop, thats why? Ignorance, ya’ll about to shut up after his cyphers drop

    • kane Ali

      Because Logic is an un-apologetic rip-off of Drake’s style. From the sound, to the substance, to the beats, to the atmosphere, its just pathetic.

      • Sorrel Hoover

        He isn’t a rip-off if he makes his beats and writes his own music, he was influenced by Drake a little bit which may be the reason why they kind of sound similar, but Logic could kick Drake’s a** any day (no offense to Drake). Well, for you calling him pathetic, a rip-off, and un-apologetic makes you pathetic…besides are you or have ever been on a XXL cover? If you don’t have anything good to say about him, then don’t say s**t.

        • kane Ali

          1. ) Regardless of what he does or doesn’t make, Logic is a ripoff. If there’s one rule in Rap, its do you and be real. Logic already messed that up.

          2.) Logic is on Drake’s radar like a mouse is on a Lion’s radar.

          3.) I’m not mindlessly bashing the dude. The guy above me asked why people don’t like Logic, and I gave him an honest answer.

          • JD Crance

            your honest answer is complete bullshit. to say he’s a ripoff of anyone is utterly absurd. the man has more bars than Drake every thought of having, has a much more loyal fan base, and works harder than drake. and how the hell is he not real? World Wide, Mind Of Logic, As I Am, Dead Presidents III, Mixed Feelings, The entire Young Sinatra series, are all real as fuck. and more real than anything Drake has ever done.

        • wat

          Logic does NOT make his beats. Get off his dick, making up shit lol. Coming from a big Logic fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terrell.peyton.7 Terrell Peyton

    Damn Keef wasn’t there for shit.

  • TacoFresh


    • darryon

      nigga in jail

      • TacoFresh

        nahh hes been out since mid march

        • jwads22

          they picked the list in like january or february

  • http://twitter.com/ohFckitsJamir Jamir G.

    Kinda disappointed Casey Veggies wasn’t a freshman this year. Next year for sure.

    • Hannya

      Agreed. I dunno why Veggies wasn’t included on this year’s class. I think he could have replaced Logic, Angel, or Trinidad.

  • whiskey jonez

    this is a really good freshman class, but nothing beats asher, wale, cudi, bob and all them. that year was light years beyond its time.

    • Guest

      Meek mill, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, Don Trip…. You’re crazy if you don’t think that was the best class

      • jwads22

        Don Trip sucks, Meek is not bad but not in the top 20 best freshmen, Krit & Kendricks class out side of them and Yelawolf was mediocre. This is deffinetly either the best or second best Freshman class that’s come out. In my opinion this is the best freshman class. 2009 was deffinetly the deepest with Wale, Blu, Cudi. B.o.B, Asher Roth, Ace Hood, Currency, Corey Gunz, Micky Factz, Charles Hamilton, there wasn’t anyone really bad on that list. This list has like 3 bloopers (not counting Keef), but it has more skill with Ab-Soul, Joey, Bronson, Logic, Schoolboy Q, Dizzy, & Travis Scott.

  • Lil Sack

    y Trinidad James tho?

  • igotacos

    im so happy with the cyphers, the first one is gunna be the best. they should have switched travis and logic though

  • Carlos Briones

    You guys need to post the Travi$ freestyle today. Can’t believe you guys are pushing it back

  • ABrickSquad1017

    If Chief Keef is the 11th then why can’t come up with a Freestyle and a Cypher Verse. He isn’t exempt, foh.

    • lol smh

      He was in jail during the photoshoot you fucking idiot, wow. You think he’s gonna cypher with himself?