Jay-Z was under some scrutiny a week ago for taking a trip to Cuba with his wife Beyoncé.

The couple has been criticized by Republican lawmakers for traveling to the communist island. According to American policy, they are restricted to go to Cuba unless the government approves it. As it turns out, Jay and Bey’s trip was licensed as an educational visit.

On “Open Letter,” Hov addresses these recent issues, tossing a few lines about this controversial trip.

“I done turned Havana to Atlanta/Guayabera shirts and bandanas”

“Boy from the hood but got White House clearance/Sorry y’all I don’t agree with y’all appearance”

“Wanna give me jail time and a fine/Fine, let me comment a real crime/I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef/Out of spite, I just might flood these streets”

“Obama said, “Chill, you gonna get me impeached”/But you don’t need this shit anyway/Chill with me on the beach.”

Earlier today, White House press secretary Jay Carney fielded questions about Hov’s song. His response was straightforward, with a little bit of snark.

"I guess nothing rhymes with 'Treasury.' Because Treasury offers and gives licenses for travel as you know, and the White House has nothing to do with it."

Y'all gon' learn today.

[via Buzzfeed]