This week in hip-hop, Jay-Z continues to prove he’s a powerful entrepreneur by expanding Roc Nation Sports with another signee. Rick Ross stayed in the positive light of the media for once, while Lauryn Hill explained her tax envision situation to the best of her ability. Also, Macklemore paid a visit to a fan with leukemia and wrote about the experience. Here’s this week’s edition of the top headlines.

1. Macklemore Visits a Fan With Leukemia
In another solid win for Macklemore, he visited a diehard fan in the hospital that had leukemia. Sam was diagnosed with the disease a few days before the show in Vermont, but that didn’t stop Macklemore from paying him a visit. We’ll let Mack tell you how he heard of Sam’s story.

2. Snoop Dogg’s 4/20 Party Was Never Shut Down
Snoop loves that sticky icky. He held a huge party in celebration of the international holiday out in California. It was reported later that it got shut down by police. However, Snoop denied those claims and said the police let him rock out until the break of dawn. “My partner pulled [the police chief] to the side. He was a great, great chief and he was willing to understand. We just trying to party chief. We doing a millon other things, we just trying to smoke and have a good time. And the chief was like, ‘Save me a couple of blizys and I’ll let y’all have your party.’”

3. Emmett Till’s Family Plans To Go After Lil Wayne’s Sponsors
Lil Wayne has a target on him after he failed to apologize for his line referencing Emmett Till. In an new report by AllHipHop, the Till family plan on going after Wayne’s sponsors, namely Mountain Dew. Currently, he is partnered with the brand for his “DeWeezy” campaign. Likely inspired by Reebok dropping Rick Ross, the family believes proper actions should be taken.

4. 2 Chainz Found Not Guilty of Drug Charges
2 Chainz was arrested for drug and paraphernalia charges on Valentine’s Day. This was the same arrest that circulated on the Internet when a photo was taken of him with two police officers. But on Wednesday, it was revealed that Chainz was acquitted of the charges and found not guilty.

5. Pro Era's CJ Fly Updates on Capital STEEZ's New Album
The late Captial STEEZ, who is best known for his contributions in Pro Era, will be releasing a posthumous album titled King Capital. We got down with one of the core members CJ Fly, where he gave us the scoop on what to expect thus far. The album’s proceeds will go to STEEZ’s family, and it will feature original production.

6. Jay-Z Signs Another Athlete to Roc Nation Sports
Hov isn’t slowing down his hustle on building the Roc Nation Sports roster. Recent WNBA draftee for the Tulsa Shock Skylar Diggins is the latest athlete to join the rankings. She is the second athlete to sign with Jay-Z, with Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees being the first signee. At this rate, the Brooklyn rapper will have a diverse group soon.

7. Lauryn Hill Addresses Recent Criticisms in Tumblr Post
Lauryn Hill hasn’t paid her taxes and she’s getting the flak for from the public. To set the record straight, the former Fugees member went on her personal Tumblr and wrote an extensive letter explaining her situation. Although it didn’t give us anything new, we do know that she has new music on the way. Hopefully, it’ll help her financial crisis.

8. Rocko Says Rick Ross Has Another Verse on the Official “U.O.E.N.O” Remix
Rocko is on a mission to drop an endless amount of remixes. That’s what we first thought when we heard he was dropping a new remix for five weeks. According to a  recent interview on Power 105, Rocko intends on stopping his run with a bang. The official remix of “U.O.E.N.O” will release next week, reportedly featuring a new verse by Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Future and Rocko himself. He saved the best for last and we didn’t even know it.