It’s going to be an exciting night for prizefighting fans. On the MMA tip, there’s a showdown between Benson Henderson and Gilbert Melendez for the UFC Lightweight title. After that wraps up, fans of the sweet science can switch over to Showtime for a title-unifying matchup between rising Mexican superstar, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and an in his prime Austin Trout. In the latest installment of The Weigh In, we caught up with boxing aficionado, R.A. the Rugged Man, who’s gearing up for the release of his album Legends Never Die, on April 30th. Check out his pick below and check back next week for his prediction for Sergio Martinez vs. Martin Murray on April 27th—as told to Neil Martinez-Belkin

Here’s the deal: They’re two undefeated fighters. Alvarez is the more famous, glorified fighter. They’re both equally good. I think there are certain opponents Trout couldn’t beat that Alvarez could beat. But I think this particular fight was a bad idea for Alvarez. My hat’s off to him though, for wanting to fight everybody and not duck anyone. Austin Trout is a guy that doesn’t have a big name. Nobody really knows who he is except in the boxing world. So there’s really no gain for Alvarez to fight him. This is how fighters used to be. They used to believe they could beat anybody. But nowadays, the smarter move would be for him to fight a bigger name. Go fight Miguel Cotto, even though Trout beat him. The payday would have been bigger, it definitely would have been a PPV and it would’ve been way bigger numbers. But if you want to be known as the best, this fight is it. Alvarez is fighting an undefeated guy in his prime. I also think that if Canelo wants to have the big fight with Mayweather in his future, then the perfect opponent for him to get used to fighting the slick, defensive, black fighter with that style is Trout. Trout doesn’t have the Mayweather style, but he’s slick. If Canelo can get past the defensive fighting, the hand speed and the jabs, then that’s a good set up for him to fight Floyd. I think that’s definitely in Canelo’s head. But I think he may have dug himself a hole and Trout has a good chance of outboxing him. Styles make fights, and Trout has faster hands, faster footwork and he’s a southpaw. He knows how to keep his distance from fighters and he’s also better defensively than Canelo. So I’m calling an upset and saying Austin Trout is gonna outbox Canelo Alvarez. Canelo is a powerful guy, so you can never count him out. But it’s a pick ‘em fight and either guy could win, so if you’re asking me to make a prediction then I’m going to put my balls on the table and go with the underdog. I think Austin Trout outboxes the superstar Mexican fighter.