The Making of Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge’s “Twelve Reasons to Die”


RZA as the Executive Producer:

RZA: I don’t wanna call myself the mastermind of the project. When somebody’s producing an album like Adrian, you know somebody that has the talent to do it, and I’m coming on it as an executive producer. The executive producer makes executive decisions but being a producer and a musician myself and a guy that has a lot of respect from other musicians and producers. My talents can be used towards good advice.

I just wanna say this, after doing a film and seeing how my producers would work with me. They kinda have a certain kind of experience that would push my needle to the left or the right just based on logistics, based on experience and based on the format of what a good piece of product is. 36 Chambers–we can all agree is a classic piece of product. Adrian is striving to make a classic piece of product here, him and Ghostface. So I’m very good at arranging and giving good ideas. I’m adding on to what I think they already have, something very unique here. The reason I’m executive producing is because I’m impressed by the talent that came together behind the project.

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