Definition: Money, usually in thousand dollar amounts

"Like a Virgin Again"


"Damn your lips so soft/Make a nigga wanna bite them off/This what you wanted, huh?/I'ma be your porn star, baby take your clothes off/Let me taste between your legs/Dang you got me so hard."

"I'm So Raw"


"Slob on my knob/The bitch blow hard/Harder than some Halls/Here, take 'em all."

"Make Love"


"If I get to see her, I'm gonna take her down/Pull your tights down, throw 'em on the couch/Like I say put it in your mouth/Take your top off, ain't nobody round/Run around butt-naked, this is my house."

"Pretty Boy Swag"

tyga versace

"Filling my cup, silly straw/7-11, slurp me off/Put her beaver on my log/Then she lick, lick, lick, like a frog."

"The Motto (Remix)"


"Call a bitch raw dick, let her see-saw/Ass sorta like a donkey nigga, he-haw."

Tyga Born 11/19/1989



"Make it Nasty"


"Gotta China bitch, straight from Beijing/Pussy so tight, all she do is scream/Oh, bend it over make you touch your toes/I like how she merry-go-round round the pole… I like blow jobs, she could be my employer/Back it up then I put it in her backdoor."

"Pussy Talkin'"


"Lay it down, bend it over like strippers open/Water gun big, shoot you now your pussy soakin'/Comin' down your chimney, call it Santa workin'."

"Bad Bitches"


"Yeah she gave me that blow job, then she get laid off/I ain't got no time hoe, stop blowing up my cell phone."



"On a mission, missionary in the kitchen/Pussy drippin', clean it up tongue kiss it/So delicious, pussy go like Olympics/Man I'm already full, don't need dinner."

"Potty Mouth"


"Bitches jumping on my dick, hopping like it's hopscotch…I don't give a fuck, I fuck 'em 'till they pussy ouch/Potty mouth, oochie wally, bang bang them I'm out…2 Live Crew, put the pussy in my palm/She put it on a nigga and make a grown man cry."



"Use the butt up in the front, dick up in her cunt/And I put it in her hole, hole in one - putt putt."

"Ready to Fuck"

*9. Tyga ft. Lil Wayne "Faded," Careless World: Rise of the Last King (2012)

"She giving up that dome, man/Don't give my number, she know the name…I heated up that pussy, that wet-wet in my two-seater…Roll over, give daddy some/I'm gon' come, you gon' come."

"Get Her Tho"


"I'm Barry Bonds, I hit the pussy on the first pitch/Boy, I murdered her, yeah I'm a murderer…Dope dick, dope dick, that's what she yelling out/Dope dick, dope dick, that's what I'm giving out."


Tyga_Rack City_Thumbnail

"Lesbians, two mothers, no need for rubbers/Red skin, leather couch, couldn't see the puddle…Pick a condo, pick a condom/Fuck a bitch, man it ain't about nothing."



"Ain't got time to be tired/I'm super-turnt, don't try me/Killin' your mind off and fuckin' your body/Bitch want a flick? Pose for my posse."

"I'm Different"

Screen shot 2012-06-10 at 4.27.39 PM

"Ass so big, can't look at it/Can't look at it, can't look at it/Made me bust fast like I'm trigger-happy/She like when I talk shit like Bill O'Reilly/And I give her hard wood, like a cabin."

"Clique/Fuckin' Problem"


"Good nigga, clean dick/Fuck her right, she'll call again...Make my dick plank, she gon' drink it straight/Rotate, let her friends taste…Banana make her pussy split/Pornstar, loose lips."

"Get Loose"


"Smoke 'til I can't see nothing, call it gas mask/She gon' need a white flag when a nigga murder that ass."