Styles P Breaks Down His Five Favorite Weeds

Many rappers are known for their love of that loud—now, Styles P breaks down what he’s been smoking.

The LOX member recently stopped by XXL‘s offices to discuss his collaborative album with producer Scram Jones Float, to be released on April 20 via Nature Sounds and High Times Records. While he was here, to commemorate the official national weed smoker’s holiday 4-20, XXL decided to chat it up with the Ghost about his favorite strains of herb.

Styles revealed that his five favorite strains of bud are Cookies, O.G. Kush, Haze, Sour Diesel and Jack Herrer, in that order. The Yonkers veteran explained how he came across the Cali-based blend of bud called Cookies, saying that it was actually the producer The Alchemist who introduced him to it.

“My favorite five strains I would say – me personally, number one on my list, favorite right now is Cookies,” he revealed. “I love Kush – that would be my second after Cookies. Cookies just became my first; Alchemist put me on to the Cookies. I was in L.A. with The Alchemist in the studio [and he had] Cherry Pie and Cookies. I was high out of my fucking mind. I was in L.A. for two-three weeks just chilling, just relaxing, so I was in the lab with him and shit had me super-high. I felt great.”

He added, “[Cookies is] a 10. It’s a 10 for the working pothead who really wants to go in the zone.”

Check out the full interview at the top.

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  • X غريف

    It’s actually called Girl Scout Cookies.