Stream: Kendrick Lamar’s Unreleased Mixtape “Hub City Threat, Minor of The Year”

Kendrick Lamar is a huge rap star since his debut album good kidm.A.A.d city was met with critical acclaim. Before K.Dot rhymed about poetic justice, he started from the bottom just like every aspiring rapper. Recently (thanks Internet), K. Dot’s 2003 debut mixtape, Hub City Threat, Minor of the Year, just surfaced that shows the young 16-year-old in action.

Even as K.Dot wasn’t a household name yet, his mixtape was evidence of his talents. Here, he raps over Lil Wayne’s “Go DJ,” dedicates a song to his hometown in “Compton Life,” and spits alongside seasoned veterans like Joe Budden and Freeway. Athough three tracks are missing, we still have 11 good ones to get a sense of his promising career.

Check out it out below via Masked Gorilla.

[via Masked Gorilla]

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  • Neel Gakhar

    His debut album was Section.80, ya bish.

    • Zak Tobes

      major-label debut

      • Alex Gonzalez

        he was signed under interscope during section.80 he just didnt tell people yet and had full creative control

        • Brian Ryner

          section.80 was released independantly. it was not released under interscope regardless of whether or not he was signed.

        • King Macbeth

          you’re so dumb -.-

  • garrett

    i been waitin on this to drop this is his only tape i dont have

  • Josh Solis

    fukin wack i bet you sold your soul to get better fukin african monkey fuck

    • Quinton Crawford

      are you mentally retarded… I’m being serious

    • lisa Askin

      fukin african monkey fuck? …I that would be your girl you’re taking about.

  • Jim Decuir

    … I’ms o glad Kendrick grew up

  • ½man ½amazing

    thats not kendrick

  • J Lord

    Isn’t strange that he did a song with two artists that are signed to Aftermath currently.

  • your dad

    you guys should know he mentions this on one of his interviews, that when he was younger he wasn’t doing the same music he wanted to do (Overly Dedicated) And i’m guessing he was talking about this mixtape. you can tell it’s just commercialized music or to appeal to mainstream listeners.. different flows and rhyme schemes… but you can diffiently see the progression.. listen for a second.. alright lyrics, but no vision.. and i say that with respect.

  • Tony Mihovilovich

    haha I remember bumping the training day mixtape. KDOT spit fire (rip)! Changed his rap name to his government because he started rapping for himself and not to be like the rest out there. Clearly talented from a young age.

  • TooHigh187

    This mixtape sucks this nigga did some major improvement

  • Mister Burnz

    Good Ol DJ Dave

  • Ernest

    It’s not called Hub City Threat Minor of the Year. It’s called Young Head Nigga in Charge, please make a correction.

  • Chris Courtney

    I understand why it’s so different. Dude was 16. Awesome to finally have his full circle of albums/mixtapes. Great to watch his career evolve

  • Alexis22

    How Masked gorilla got credit when I was the one that dropped this is beyond me lol

  • IvanRott

    Ummmm….. “How We Do” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” dropped in ’04…