Jay-Z’s recent venture into sports has got his closest peers to jump on the bandwagon.

Last Thursday, it was announced that Hov would be selling his share in the Brooklyn Nets to focus on Roc Nation Sports. The question was brought up in a recent interview with Snoop Lion and the Boom Box. While he didn’t confirm he was following in the footsteps of Jay, Snoop entertained the idea of starting a sports marketing agency.

“Maybe the sports marketing agency as far as getting players to sign with me as a sports agent -- and there's a lot of kids that come out of my football league that are venturing off into the NFL and different sports and they're going to need direction and management so that may be a field that I want to venture in.”

He also commended Jay on his recent business move. Here’s what he had to say:

“I commend him for that, that's what we should do when we get to the certain point that we're at. We're influential to athletes and we're very business minded and savvy so what better way to do than our way?”

[via Boombox]