Rocko Doesn’t “Think It Was Fair” That Rick Ross Lost His Reebok Endorsement


Out of all the backlash that happened over Rick Ross’ date rape lyrics on Rocko’s song “U.O.E.N.O,” Rocko himself has come out unscathed. Rick Ross, not so much. The portly rapper recently lost his lucrative deal with Reebok . But the Atlanta MC whose song he spit the lyrics on doesn’t think the MMG boss was dealt a fair hand with his dismissal from the shoe giant. The “Ima Do Me” rapper recently sat down with MTV News, and said he didn’t see what all the fuss was about, seeing as it’s only a rap song.

“I don’t think that was fair,” said Rocko who eventually dropped Ross’ verse from the track. “Not to namedrop, but, its several artists that have said stuff way, way worse than that. I’ve heard lyrics of people burning down houses and throwing people off of bridges and killing your wife and your whole family. I done heard all types of stuff. And it wasn’t scrutinized like this.”

He continued, “It’s a rap song. Everybody knows that big homie don’t have to rape anybody. He don’t have to do that. He’s having paper. He’s getting [millions]. So for people to take that and run with that, I don’t think that’s fair.”

Last week, women’s rights groups picketed outside of Reebok’s flagship location in NYC over the shoe producer’s support of a rapper who raps about drugging women. The Bawse later apologized, kind of, but the pressure eventually led him being let go from his position as a spokesperson. Seemingly oblivious to the opposite angle, Rock looked at the situation from a clearly corporate point of view, “At the end of the day, I don’t think that was fair because of what he brought to Reebok,” he added.

Check out the entire clip, below.

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  • Jerry Doby

    You absolutely have to be kidding…did this guy forget he has a mother…rape is a disgusting and degrading thing and certainly nothing to make light of in ANY arena…what an idiot

  • Queen King

    People say ridiculous things in rap songs all the time. We know this. But for Ross to say something as outlandish as that, knowing (or not knowing, whatever) that rape and rape culture and women’s rights is a very big thing in society today is why he got so much heat. Like he should have known people weren’t going to be happy. We JUST had an election that discussed these exact issues. Why would you say something so insensitive??

  • Thy Truth.

    Tyler the creator has a whole song about rape. You lot are all reaching, he said put molly in her champagne. Molly is not a roofy it doesn’t make you forget anything. He evidently was just keeping a rhyming pattern, it was a classic camron type of line that doesnt actually make literall sense. All you saying hes some serial rapist for such a minuscule line are reaching to the MAX, when Eminem and a bunch of guys were saying 100000 x worst things and getting mainstream success