Earlier this month, news broke that the Wu-Tang Clan had settled on the title A Better Tomorrow for their upcoming 20th anniversary album. Now, Wu-gambino Raekwon speaks on the news.

According to Rae, he wasn't aware of the album title until the news initially broke earlier this month. Although he does like the tentative title for the group's impending reunion album, the Chef said that he wants him and his Wu brethren to make sure that this album is the best can possibly be above all else.

"For the particular title right there, I didn't have no knowledge of that," he said. "I found out like a fan, too. But RZA, that's the Abbot, he do what he do. I like the title overall. Titles can change anytime anyway, but more importantly [is that] we do take it serious when we name our project, whatever it is. I was just stunned with a left hook with that; I didn't know that was the titled either."

As for the album, he said, "It's got to be a hit. It's got to be a smash hit. It's got be [us] walking out the door with pride. Walking out and knowing that at the end of the day, it ain't over. It's just the 20 year balance has balanced itself out. It's time for another record, and that's why business is so adamant: you have to make sure everything is put in place the right way so you can make harmony when it's time to link."

Most recently, the Wu reunited for a group performance at this year's Coachella featival. Check out the full interview at the top.