A couple days ago the Internet was going nuts after Jay-Z released his first solo record in a while with the Swizz Beatz produced track, “Open Letter,” and Kanye West leaked the new Pusha T cut, “Numbers On The Boards.” Push recently sat down with MTV News, to chop it up about his upcoming Life Is So Exciting Tour with Fabolous and touched on the new track that has people buzzing.

“It’s that inspiration. You got Timbaland, you got Swizz you got Jay-Z on a record. They are putting out a, quote unquote, street record that has that aesthetic to it. And you got me and 'Ye over there creating,” said Push. “I believe it’s that competitive spirit, but at the same time it’s the inspiration you get from guys who are legends and greats and super producers,” he added about the song’s release coinciding with the release of Jay-Z’s song.

The Clipse member went on to say he recorded the track a few weeks ago, but Kanye only gave him 15 minutes warning before leaking it on the Internet. “It dropped and it was pandemonium for a few hours,” he added.

Check out the entire clip, below.