Photo: Chief Keef Stays Strapped?


Chief Keef has been barely out of jail for month and he’s already back at it. The Chicago rapper, who has a history of an unfiltered Instagram stream, posted a photo of him holding a gun a few hours ago. Remember, he was sentenced for 60 days in juvenile detention for violating his probation on a gun charge. Currently, he is reportedly off probation with a clean slate.

Is it too soon? Or is he celebrating? The life and times of Sosa…

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  • Pablo E. Lopez

    He need to strap himself with some lotion for those knuckles

    • Bacon


  • Deraj

    ashy ass hands

  • bang bang

    yall kno yall iant getting count bang bnag squad

  • iced

    hes in paris, dont matter

  • Matt M Thisname

    this nigga gonna be touring, he in paris he dont give no fuck plus he can say that picture old but tha chain dont do him no justice on that notion.

  • BullsFan1993

    I’d stay strapped too if I was carrying the racks that nigga does. Posting all the money he has on instagram. Stuntin’ is cool, but you will get a target on your back from plottin’ ass muthafuckas.

  • OnlyHipHop

    He should stay strapped with bars since he clearly doesn’t know how to do hip hop properly. His rapping is the same as a 5 year old’s skills at rhyming words together. Maybe he needs more time in the box before he gets it! Let’s help him see! #GetThisTrashOutOfHipHop #Don’tLike/Don’tSupport


    All that money and this nigga dont buy lotion.



  • azn amg

    you can take a nigga out the hood but cant the hood out the nigga