Even though he called it "my one-room shack" in his monster hit "Juicy," it looks like the Notorious B.I.G.'s childhood apartment has changed drastically since he left it, as the rap legend's former residence is currently up for sale.

Located at 22 James St. in Brooklyn, Biggie's childhood apartment is currently retailing for $725,000. The Clinton Hill condo features three bedrooms, an office and a den area - all products of renovations over the years.

"You must be kidding, I am [aware this was Biggie's apartment]," said listing agent Judith Lief. "I don't really know yet what impact, if any, [Biggie's history] will have on the sale. I think it'll be notable, but I don't know if novelty translates to a purchase."

Check out pics of the apartment below.

[via NYMag]