The new West Coast movement is gaining momentum. Thanks to guys like Problem, Iamsu! and YG, the spotlight has shifted back to their ever-growing scene. Deezo, who we recently featured on The Break, releases his new mixtape Ten10Eighty7. With guest spots from Fashawn, Rockie Fresh, XXL Freshman alum Dizzy Wright, and more, it’s a strong introduction to the rising rapper.

He tells us back in 2012:

My goal is to bring that feeling back when you would to listen to Power 106 and you knew your favorite artist was coming on to drop that new single, or talk about that project he or she was dropping and when that new song came on and the Dj ran it back 8 times and got your favorite artist talkin that shit over the song and you in the car, at school, or work goin crazy because you loved every second, every moment of those 15 mins that record was on that when you got home it inspired you to be a better you in whatever you did.. So to sum it up my goal is to bring that feeling back!

Just from a few spins, the tape does just that. Check out "Deck" and "Feel It," as well as his solo efforts on “Motion Picture” and “Southern Cali.”