Method Man Blames Universal Studios For Delay On “How High” Sequel

Method Man says that a sequel to his and Redman’s 2002 stoner comedy How High may end up happening – if the studio can “get the stick out up their ass,” however.

Mef spoke with TMZ about the possibility of making How High 2 with his frequent collaborator Redman. Although the original film’s screenwriter Dustin Lee Abraham has been working on a script for the project, the Wu-Tang Clan MC says that the studio has been slow to make moves on the project.

“Right now, my man Dustin Lee Abraham – who wrote the first one – we’re currently working on him to write the second [How High],” he said.  ”If it’s good enough, we’ll rush out the gate with it. If it’s sub par…I hope [it happens], Universal needs to get the stick out up their ass.”

[via TMZ]

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  • RGeezy

    The real issue is that both Meth & Red are not releviant in todays Hop-Hop market. I say that with no disrespect, it is the just the truth. Meth hasnt dropped a solo album in forvever and Red has dropped albums that came and went with no attention. Now, that last Blackout album was actually good, and if anything should of helped green light the How High 2 movie. But it didnt :-(
    I am sure Universal just doesnt see the profit potential of a movie about two 40 year old stoner rappers who used to be hot. Who knows, maybe when Crstal Meth and Muddywaters 2 drop Universal will see it a different way. Until then don’t hold your breathe waiting on this movie.

    • warnutztheloser

      I feel u!