Kill Them All: The 15 Best Odd Future Songs


Tyler, The Creator released his second commercially-released record, Wolf, today. In anticipation of the release, he’s recently embarked on a solo tour, and while it’ll likely be a tamer event without his OF cohorts, it’ll still be a mosh-pitting shit show, and knowing Tyler he’ll probably bring out a slew of guests to help impress his diverse audience.

Though the majority of the rest of the Odd Future crew has been silent in recent months – aside from Frank’s breakout Grammy performance in a cool yellow suit – it’s wild to look back at the last three years of OF’s raucous global domination.

As with any focus group, XXL’s office is divided in their opinions on Tyler and the rest of the OF crew’s music, but looking back at Golfwang’s discography, there’s some obvious gems and moments that are worth checking out if you’re unfamiliar with the group’s origins and deeper cuts. - Compiled by Dan Buyanovsky, with additional reporting by Abrea Armstrong and Nick Molina

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  • Tayo

    This list is horrible

  • 12354

    how could you not include anything from wolf……or earl’s new shit?

  • abunchofgibberish

    AssMilk: “This track would be perfect, if only there wasn’t that obnoxious, flow-stopping cut-away halfway through the track.”

    So *that’s* why this list sucks so bad: the person making it clearly doesn’t “get” OF.