Kid Rock Disagrees with Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake On Ticket Prices


Kid Rock appeared on Piers Morgan Interview last night to touch upon everything from legalizing marijuana to sharing his business strategies on his upcoming summer tour.

At a time when most artists have high ticket prices, the Michigan-born rocker is putting together a bill that will offer seats for $20. It is meant to be an affordable option when he plans on promoting his 10th studio album, Rebel Soul.

“I’m a musician. I play concerts. I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve always tried to keep prices what I think are fair,” he said. “I’ve always said I’m proud that I could walk around with my head held high and look someone in the eye, knowing that I haven’t taken an un-honest dollar from a working man.”

Rock also spoke about his contemporaries such as Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. Recently, the pair announced their Legends of the Summer concert series, where Morgan pointed out tickets “are going for about $225 each.”

“It’s garbage. It’s garbage. It’s highway robbery. I don’t care who you are, you know?,” Rock said of artists charging for tickets. “I would consider both of them, you know – in a circle of friends in the business, but I don’t agree with it.”

[via Piers Morgan]

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  • realeyez

    i agree this is hip-hop fuck out of here

  • YouAintGotShitOnARealMotherFuc

    Awesome Kid rock is telling people they are being robbed and people are upset. BTW Kid Rock is Rap Rock and Country combined dont dis the man unless you listen to his music

  • YouAintGotShitOnARealMotherFuc

    Plus Fuck Jayz He is the biggest sell it out of anyone. If your stupid enough to pay 225 a ticket then your being played liked hes your pimp and your his little hoe

  • Drew Emmerson

    Any person who’d pay $225 to see a 43 year old man rap – deserves to get screwed.

  • sohodiva

    He’s just mad nobody would actually pay $225 to see him. Every ticket is not $225…

    • jacob jackson

      Shut the fuck up Kid Rock is a legend you dumb ass

  • Ronald Jack

    You charge what the market allows you to. If Kid Rock wants to take a paycut that’s on him but don’t make it seem like everybody else is wrong if they don’t want to do it. This has been a crazy week for Jay-z.