Jay-Z is planning on getting certified by the NFLPA so he can be involved in the recruitment of clients.

Hov launched a sports management company where he plans on gathering clients for contract representation. According to reports by Pro Football Talk, he is in the process of getting the proper credentials from the players’ union. This would help legitimatize his current efforts in recruiting Giants receiver Victor Cruz to sign with CAA, the firm affiliated with Jay’s new business.

The CAA understands that Hov will need to pass the NFLPA’s admissions test. It is typically conducted in July, with the applications due in February. This means Jay could possibly be taking the test in July 2014.

Another factor: The NFLPA requires agents to have a postgraduate degree. Jay-Z is looking to get exempted from that requirement through his success in different types of business. The NFLPA would view that as “negotiating experience” and he would potentially be waived from the requirement. Many agents argue if that scenario would come to fruition, they would complain that he has received favorable treatment.

In order for Jay-Z and the CAA to work together, their joint venture will thrive if he can help close deals.