It looks like Ghostface Killah wants to go in a completely different direction with his next album.

In a recent interview with Fact Mag, Ghostdeini the Great said that he wants to record an album in which he discusses his Islamic faith. He explained that while he's always been fascinated with Islam, it wasn't until that he actually visited a mosque that he decided to become a full practitioner of the religion.

"I wanna rhyme about God, I wanna do a God album, a positive album so the kids and everybody will understand what’s going on," he revealed. "I want to tell what’s going on through my eyes. I don’t wanna give too many of my ideas away because people just be taking them. Feed the poor people, feed the animals, that’s one of the main reasons I’m here. God put me here to teach people and to lead people to his direction. I’m not a Christian, I’m a Muslim, but God is one."

He added, "I’ve always been into Islam... I learned about that later on in life. I went to the mosque one day and it came to me like, this is where I belong. I left out of that and I felt clean, I felt clean. I didn’t know how to pray like the muslims but I prayed in my heart like how I regularly would pray and did the same movements they did but when I left out of there, I felt clean, clean! I done been to church, I done been to other places and I never felt like the way I felt like when I went there. I’m a spiritual brother, I follow the signs so if that made me feel clean leaving outta there, God is clean right?"

Most recently, Ghostface Killah released his collaborative album with composer Adrian Younge 12 Reasons to Die.

[via Fact Mag]