G-Eazy: “There’s No Ceiling for an Independent Artist”

Growing Up in the Bay

Growing Up in the Bay:

G-Eazy: “I grew up in Oakland and I moved to New Orleans for college. So throughout high school, Mac Dre was everything. I grew up in the midst of the hyphy movement. To us, that was our world. You couldn’t escape it. The XXX-sized t-shirts, the waist-36 jeans, obviously much slimmed down now, but that was everything. The Bay Area, it was a bubble. It was a world within itself. It was like, you drive too far south and it’s outside of that world. L.A. was different.

“I started rapping in high school and making beats at the same time. Me and my homes, we’d either just skip school or ride the bus after school to my house and set up shop and record until late at night when my mom would kick us out. All through high school, and then I moved out to New Orleans for college to study music business.

“I always knew it was weird, the ghost riding, the big-ass shirts, the dances and all that, but it wasn’t until I got out to New Orleans that I realized how weird it was. I got out there and I’m talking Bay slang and I’m playing these songs and they’re like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’”

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  • WillF

    G-Eazy continues to grow bigger and bigger. He’s selling out everywhere these days. Anyone I’ve ever shown his music to immediately falls in love.

  • JC