Fox News’ Dana Perino Responds to Jay-Z With Cheesy Rap

Need a few laughs?

Check out a clip of former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino spitting some bars. In her rap, she throws some subliminal jabs at Jay-Z and Beyonce about their recent trip to Cuba. “If you don’t think Beyonce fears me, go ahead and ask her/so if you love Castro, stick with Jay-Z/But, if you love your freedom, pick Day-P.”

Obviously this is cringe worthy, but we know you still want to watch it. Who else can guess what the joke is here?

[via Gawker]

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  • Hot Bananas

    I want to strangle these people.


    1. NO SHE DIDN’T SAY BEYONCE’S NAME AT ALL!!! 2. The Pimp Hand will whap that ass and most importantly 3. Fox News makes it clear that you don’t have to say the word Nigger to be racist.

  • JermaineFromTheTimes

    fucking white people….

    • Drew Emmerson

      …is better than fucking black people..

      • Chicken Water

        …at sucking dick!


    FOX “News” (if you can call it that),is a bunch of right wing , racist people who are controlled by a parent company that tells them what to “report” and in what way to do so. I’m white… I love Hip-Hop and I love my freedom as an American, and it’s crazy to think that the world can’t see how screwed up FOX is !! Bottom Line- Jigga + Bey got permission to go to Cuba on Vacation because they have loot + connects. Where’s the problem?