Forever the Best: DJ Khaled’s Weirdest Instagram Photos

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    DJ Khaled is an enigmatic man. The producer/DJ/radio personality is now seven albums deep in the game, and has obsessively continued to play an over-the-top character who does little else besides make hits on hits on hits. It's kind of hard to argue with dude's success - he's worked with every major rapper in the game, and is always atop the charts come album season - but he definitely makes some weird choices when it comes to social media, namely Instagram. Looking back at his Instagram'd photos, there's an inordinate amount of pictures of Khaled "thinking," a lot of snapshots Ace Hood with his shirt off (pause?), and even a glimpse at Khaled's production process (an expensive sneaker and a bottle of cognac always within arm's reach). To celebrate Khaled and his upcoming 'Suffering from Success' LP, we put together gallery of Khaled's weirdest Instagram photos. Enjoy, and remember - no new friends.
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    <h2>"my nerves iz bad"</h2>
  • khaled7
    <h2>Khaled goes night-camping</h2>
  • khaled4
    <h2>Putting your J's on the board is how you make hits, straight hits</h2>
  • khaled3
    <h2>Do you think they're thinking about the same thing?</h2>
  • khaled8
    <h2>Word to Microsoft Paint</h2>
  • khaled5
    <h2>We feel like this sometimes too</h2>
  • khaled6
    <h2>Again, do you think they're thinking about the same thing?</h2>
  • khaled9
    <h2>No comment</h2>
  • khaled10
    <h2>Ace Hood should be Khaled's personal trainer</h2>
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  • khaled1
    <h2>Mavado's scary</h2>
  • khaled13
    <h2>Khaled looks like he's about to cry or throw up #wtb</h2>
  • khaled11
    <h2>Grown men shouldn't stand this close to one another, especially when one is shirtless</h2>
  • khaled14
    <h2>Which one is Khaled?</h2>
  • khaled15
    <h2>Thinking #1</h2>
  • khaled16
    <h2>Thinking #2</h2>
  • khaled19
    <h2>Thinking #3</h2>
  • khaled20
    <h2>Thinking #4</h2>
  • khaled21
    <h2>Thinking #5</h2>
  • khaled22
    <h2>Ace Hood Thinking</h2>
  • khaled17
    <h2>Khaled crying/thinking</h2>
  • khaled23
    <h2>Khaled angry</h2>
  • khaled18
    <h2>Khaled looking like a confused little boy</h2>
  • khaled25
    <h2>Khaled and a guy named Marlon, who may or may not be his coke dealer</h2>
  • khaled24
    <h2>The creative process</h2>

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