Fanute the Coupe: French Montana’s Many Hats

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  • FrenchYSL
    <h2>"Dope Man"</h2>
    "Money make the world turn, 100s make it stop/You could build empires, hoes make it drop… Homie did 20 years, tried to live with honor/Came home, had to live with his momma/This be the realest shit I ever wrote/Let the truth be told, all niggas know how to do is sell dope."
  • FenchScarf2
  • frenchbeanie
  • FrenchBeanie2
  • FrenchBear
  • FrenchCash
  • FrenchFedora
  • FrenchFur
  • FrenchMase
  • FrenchNavy
  • frenchscarf
  • FrenchScarf3
  • FrenchScarf4
  • FrenchScarf5
  • FrenchScarfPurp
  • FrenchTowel
  • Trinidad-French

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  • Drew Emmerson

    Shit, I misread. I thought I saw ‘FAN MUTE’ and ‘French Montanta’ in the same headline. Thought it was some new technology that erases French’s verses from any song you’re listening to in real-time, to make it potentially enjoyable. Ahhhh.. someday the future will arrive…