You really can’t get tired of Biggie mixes. The latest comes from DJ Finesse, who decided to put the legendary MC over classic beats by DJ Premier. The mix showcases his acapellas paired with many familiar instrumentals by Premo. It’s a great tribute for hip-hop fans to get lost in.

DJ Finesse: "This month [March] marks the passing of the lauded rapper Notorious B.I.G. and to honor his legacy, New York resident DJ Finesse debuted a special tribute during DJ Premier’s Sirius/XM show “Live From Headqcourterz” on March 8.

The mix showcases Biggie’s a capellas paired with Premier-produced beats. While the original tribute was shorter for air-time, Finesse extends the tribute for hip-hop fans here with a special intro by Premier himself.

You can stream and download the project below.

[via EgoTrip]