DC Chillin’: 15 DMV Artists You Need to Know

Fat Trel
Hometown: Washington, DC
Twitter: @FATTREL
Notable song: Fat Trel & Chief Keef, “Russian Roulette”
Sounds like: Trel is truly an originator, and sounds like no other artist.
Why you need to know him: Fat Trel’s authenticity and confidence along with his hard-hitting lyrics has proven that he has the formula to take DC rap to another level.

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  • wack

    Where’s Uno Hype? Half these rappers were on everyone’s radar 4 years ago. and they’re all too old/have done nothing since then to blow up now. Do your research, this piece was fuckin lazy.

    • Timmothy Flowers

      uno hype? where is logic? stop naming shitty artist and bring heat to the table.

  • ehansom

    With the exception of the incomparable RatheMC, y’all totally dropped the ball on the female emcees. Proud of a few friends who made the list….and with Baltimore…..I’ll just leave that one alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=77308056 Amanda Lee

    1) Where is g-two? What about Hard Working Ent? How come I never see anything about Garvey?
    2) Most of these rappers are old news.
    3) I didn’t know Baltimore was considered part of the “DMV.”

    This was a wack list.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aye.brooke Aye Brooke


    • http://www.facebook.com/brad.toro.5 Brad Toro

      I agree with most of what you say but Baltimore is in Maryland.

    • NYMag

      u didnt kno B-More is MD??? cmon.
      Fuck DMV (VA is on some whole other shit, DC is technically in Maryland), its just DC(and its suburbs) and Baltimore.
      The best DC artist is Sir E.U or Asheru. The best Baltimore artist is Phil Ade or Labtekwon…easy

      The artists on this list are ok.

  • frank

    sleeping on Marcus Cook @MCook_HSDC on twitter

  • Dr. Doom

    All DC rappers are boring except Logic

  • http://twitter.com/sewprolific kazz michael

    the fact that you said because of his voice, shy glizzy sounds like lil wayne and not lil boosie, is embarrassing. “sad to say” sounds like tha carter-era lil wayne or lil wayne on “real rap,” but i think that’s general extent of those types of comparisons…….

  • http://twitter.com/sewprolific kazz michael

    also, leaving yung gleesh and the slutty boyz (although an extension of trel) was equally as embarrassing.

    • swagfromconcentrate


  • Greg Matthews

    what bout` “Izzy Vegetable$” or fuckin “Mike Of Doom”? xxl proves once again to not kno shit!

    • Timmothy Flowers

      3rdiiiuth is better than MOD bro. facts is in the work and izzy vegetables is just an underrated talent that will go mainstream soon enough. facts people this list is bogus!

  • Nina Gaswoski`

    no!! what about 3rdiiiuth!!! and you can name Izzy Vegetable$ & Mike Of Doom!!! all 3 of those young niggas spit better than these niggas!!! AND THEY’RE ORIGINAL! never heard of most of the ppl on this list! bs to me.

    Twitter: @MikeOfDoom
    Twitter: @IzzyVegetables
    Twitter: @RagzBastard @VampHostile

    • Timmothy Flowers

      who are you? but better yet who are the uth? they’re a bunch of losers that tries to mock joey badass and pro era! Mike Of Doom got kicked out of osp for a reason its obvi that he garbage. izzy vegetables is trash he only has nice lyrics other than that his beats and cockiness sucks. I fuck with these youngins hard because they slowly changing the dmv as a whole but overall in my opinion izzy yenn is the best rapper inside of the izzy’s or better yet the dmv. whoever doesn’t have him on their list is idiotic and knows no real rap!

  • Fuerte

    Probably could’ve extended this to 20, considering you at least missed Los (signed to Bad Boy), Red Rum (signed to We The Best), OXYxMORON

  • dckid

    where are the paper boyz at

  • JeromeFromTheTimes

    Clipse put VA on the map a minute ago. This is more DM not DMV on the map.

  • swagfromconcentrate

    FOR THE LAST TIME: The DMV is DC, Arlington, Alexandria and any county that surrounds those 3 cities. Or in other words areas where the metro system runs. So Baltimore and Stafford aren’t in the DMV smh. #ButImSleep

  • Mask Money Murder

    It said “Artist”… So why Reesa Renee isn’t on the list. With all do respect. 8 of 15 of these artist as had there time(s)… and missed the boat(s). And I can give you 8 “Artist” to fill in these tired slots. Bobee, Jay I.D.K, Njena Redd Foxx, Light Show, Uno Boss, Sm City, and RDGLDGRN. @9a627b7d5f7e376b10036fdf0c06bc2d:disqus is right DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK!!! HOw sad is this that you do an editorial and no one agree’s with you AT ALL. I’ll give you a week for a re-do Kimberly Brown. DAN BUYANOVSKY you lose credit for posting this. I expect you to do better!!!

  • BuBu

    I think XXL is leaving out some MAJOR Artist from our Area… Logic, Baltimore Los, Garvey, Boobie,Fatz Da Big Fella, Killa Cal who is in a unique lane of gogo and dc underground rap, Dynomite Diggz, and Oddisee… we have a group of talent thats unprecendented and can compete with ALL major cities.

    • lol

      what about Young i, 20 Bello and HeveWae?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.lamar1 Jonathan Lamar

    lola already part of taylro gang tho

  • Rohan

    people sleeping on J.Addo he’s a singer who has WAY MORE BETTER videos and quality songs than most of these “DMV Artist” wake up to my nigga “J.Addo”

  • jRight

    Billy Woods, maybe to underground. His History Will Absolve Me album is great

    • Timmothy Flowers

      who the fuck?

  • Rohan

    all I will say is “Marcus Canty”, “Reesa Renee” and “J.Addo” are the future of the DMV’s R&B music scene mark my words and know those names people

  • datruth

    baltimore is not the DMV at all. DMV is DC and and some VA/MD niggas who wish they were from DC

    • lol

      VA/MD wish they was DC..wow.. really unheard of about MD cuz lots of MD crew hang with DC crew and vice versa..

  • Alex

    Ras Neybu where is he?? Check out Washington Slizzards

  • Big Slim X

    Just like any list without the numbers to prove the reasoning, it’s someone opinion. Another point is, Baltimore is in Maryland! DMV (DC Maryland Virginia). Did I miss something? Did Baltimore become their own state or something?

  • DatDudeBruhBruh

    Black Cobain sound like Wale & CyHi

  • OlSlick

    This Is A List Of Artist Who Sent In Their Info When XXL Were Looking For Artist