Watch the Throne [Feature From the March 2012 Issue]

C.J., do you have any aspirations of getting on the stage yourself one day? I remember, several years ago, Faith telling me you were rapping.

C.J.: I don’t think I want to be a rapper. [Long pause] I don’t want to, actually. I think I’m pretty sure of that. I just want to make my own path, really. I really want to be a movie director. Study film. Get into that lane. Get into acting, as well. I’ve been reading for a lot of stuff lately. I can definitely see myself being an actor. But I really like [being] behind the camera, as well. I can do them both. I really want to apply and hopefully get into USC. Their film department is great. NYU, also. I just don’t want to move so far. I love L.A. I don’t want to move. I love the East, but I don’t want to be far away from L.A. USC is the main one. I have to look into more of them.

Well, whatever you guys do, I know it will be successful. It’s in your blood. Do you guys have any last words or feelings about your father’s legacy?

T’yanna: Basically, you can clearly listen to his music and get a feel as to where his mind was at. You can feel the hunger, the struggle, the want to make it. I think that, by his passion, other rappers should follow that. Have passion in your music. You’re gonna go far.

C.J.: Just have the passion. You really can’t be successful as a rapper if you don’t strive for it. I can tell my dad wanted it. He really just wanted it to provide for his family. All these other guys have to get on that.


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  • Decatur ATL BOI

    It’s tragic when a son loses his father before he can teach him how to be a man….Much respect to the Wallce kids for continuing the legacy of being great!

    • CaponeMOB

      Man,its crazy how Biggies son C.J. looks like the light skinned version of BIG. but its fucked up when niggaz die at a young age and they leave children behind. not only will the kids not grow up with a father,but the father will never get to see how his kids turned out,how smart they are,how funny they are..ect

      but atleast BIG left a Legacy behind. BIG= GOAT

  • Money Mitch

    This is a great article!! Big would be so proud of his children!! And i also like the fact that Junior mafia looks out for his kids after big’s passing away!!

  • mutada mullah atari

    Yes XXL you guys hit it out of the park with this one. Good ish

  • Smokin Jelli

    I think this exemplifies the ripple effect of Biggie in so many different ways. This interview with his kids is the personification of how much Biggie influenced them and that generation. Machine Gun Funk is their favorite track? That says a lot about how much they listen to the lyrics in his rhymes and it just happens to be my favorite Biggie track as well. The legend lives.

  • 1love


  • Grandiose

    Much respect to Biggie’s children but more respect to the ppl who have and are raising them. Excellent Job!!!